The primary objective of the site and of the Prehistory in Italy project is the collection of information on artifacts, places, myths attributable to the layers of peaceful and Goddess-centered civilizations that preceded the best known historical patriarchal cultures.
Essays, texts, videos on these topics can be submitted to the editorial staff which reserves the right to evaluate their publication. To submit your content, send us an email at preistoriainitalia@gmail.com with your name, a brief description of you and what you would like to propose. But first take a look at our rules:

What interests us

We are open to receive, evaluate and publish any type of contribution, relating to artifacts, places, myths attributable to studies and research on ancient peaceful civilizations focused on the worship of the Goddess especially in Italy. We recommend that the contributions are edited, in-depth and well written.
It is our main objective to give a voice to authors who have something to say on these topics.


The project is completely self-financed and self-produced, all the Authors who up to now have collaborated with their writings and with the collection of information have done so motivated like us only by passion. Collaboration with Prehistory in Italy is free of charge.


If you send your contribution to the editorial team, you will certainly receive a response from us and we always try to do it quickly.
The editorial board reserves the right to:

  • evaluate the possible publication of each contribution or to refuse it;
  • if necessary, edit the text or intervene for formal changes, before publication.

Guidelines for editing

  • limit the all-inclusive masculine as much as possible, always prefer e.g. Elderly women – inclusive feminine where possible – neutral terms (such as humanity rather than men)
  • limit the insertion of notes in the text as much as possible (unsuitable for web pages)
  • in the bibliography the full name and surname of the author, not the dotted name
  • book titles, foreign words: in italics
  • names of chapters, short stories, essays contained in volumes: quotation marks
  • avoid ed/ad, except in very rare cases
  • goddess single, lowercase, Goddess in general Uppercase
  • old women, wise old women: generally translated with the neologism CRONE

Filling out the cards

For the compilation of forms relating to archaeological material, contact us; we will provide you with information and the model to keep as a reference to facilitate compilation and make the data as homogeneous as possible to those of our database

Images and copyrights

The images accompanying the texts, where possible, must have a suffciently acceptable quality. The optimal aspect ratio for images is 4:3 (in pixels: 1024 x 768 – 800 x 600 – 640 x 480).

It is necessary that the images supplied with the texts are verified with respect to copyright and publication rights by the collaborators themselves. If the images were found through the web, it is therefore essential to verify their origin or any Creative Common licence
All texts are the property of the authors and their publication on this site has been authorized by them. The editorial team assumes no responsibility for the content and images provided for publication.

The editorial staff reserves the right to evaluate the possible publication of each contribution or to refuse it, as well as the right to intervene on the work for formal modifications, also in relation to the provisions of the regulation.