Prehistory in Italy

The Civilization of the Goddess in Italy, the site.

The site was born from the desire to continue Marija Gimbutas' field research, focusing her gaze on our country which, stretched out in the center of the Mediterranean, has known all the passages of human groups which, in a constant movement between the continents, they brought with them their own knowledge, habits, symbols. Their traces have remained on the territories they have crossed or where they have stopped and in our ancestral and genetic memories.

Prehistory in Italy has as its primary objective the collection, conservation in a virtual place of easy access and free sharing of information currently available about artifacts, places, myths attributable to the layers of civilizations - peaceful and focused on feminine values ​​of protection and care for life - which preceded the best known historical patriarchal cultures.
The civilization of the Great Mother or Great Goddess, or Mother Goddess took forms and created common symbols in different places and moments of a very extended period that goes from 35.000 BC to the late XNUMXst millennium BC, as far as the European continent is concerned. The numerous female statuettes, the so-called Goddesses or Venuses, are the best-known icon of this common cultural matrix.

But we won't just deal with figurines. The site was conceived as a geo-locator with nine pointing categories to be shown on the geographical map:

  • Menhir
  • Dolmen
  • Steel
  • Cave painting or graffiti
  • Divinity
  • Cult
  • artifact
  • Myth or legend
  • Female figurine

Every artifact, place, myth, etc. it can therefore be identified geographically by place of discovery via an icon on the Italy map; the icon provides the link to a data sheet; each file is the result of inserting detailed and descriptive information on the find, on the studies carried out, on any accessibility, and is accompanied by photos and/or drawings, and by any historical/archaeological information currently in our possession. The data is structured to populate the appropriately prepared tables and fields of the Database.

On the one hand this system will allow the formation of a map based on precise information and could become a suitable tool for the recovery of material scattered in many different classifications, on the other hand it could lay the foundations for a reorganization of what has been discovered up to now but which has rarely been placed within a coherent interpretative framework.

Le cards information will be as standardized as possible in content and will be edited by archaeologists/archaeologists or experts in the subject and independent researchers identified region by region.

PREHISTORY IN ITALY is dedicated to anyone who wants to explore a topic that has not always found recognition by academic archeology but which deserves the utmost attention due to the large amount of sites and various materials existing in our country that show the housing, social and symbolic characteristics of cultures long considered "primitive" and which instead reveal that they were inspired by knowledge and values ​​that have been lost in the era closest to us with the superimposition of cultures bearers of domination and conflict.